The Hiring Process

Hiring ProcessHere at iQuest, our main objective is to hire individuals who are a natural fit to positions for which they wish to apply. This means four things:

  1. Having a personality type that is a natural fit for the position
  2. Having strong problem solving abilities
  3. Having a strong skillset as required by the position that will help the individual deliver results as soon as his/her employment starts
  4. Possessing compatible work ethics that will help the individual fit into iQuest's corporate culture

In order to find the right individuals who meet these criteria, our hiring process consists of six phases as depicted in the image on the right.

Resumé Review

The first step in the hiring process is for us to review your resumé to see if it reflects the necessary qualifications we seek for the position you are applying. Some of the items we focus on include your formal education, experience level, how long you stayed in each position you held during your career.

Personality Survey

This is an online survey that will give us a clear indication of the applicant's personality type. This is not a pass or fail test. It only gauges the applicant's compatibility with the position for which he/she is applying.

For example, a sales position may require a personality type that requires the individual to possess strong inter-personal skills while this personality trait would not be a requirement for a software developer. The survey allows us to get an idea about the applicant's "natural" behavior.

This survey is also available in multiple languages for those whose native language may not be English.

Cognitive Ability Test

As the name implies, the cognitive ability test is used to assess an applicationt's ability to understand and produce a viable solution to a particular problem. It is used to assess an applicant's reasoning. This is an online test, however it is proctored under the supervision of an administrator. If you are an overseas or out-of-state applicant, you may still take the test but will have to have a webcam on in order for us to monitor you while you take the test. This is a timed test and measures problem solving abilities of the applicant.


Once the applicant has passed all the previous steps, he/she will be interviewed by one or more members of the iQuest management team in order for us to further assess the applicant's compatibility with the position for which he/she is applying.

Hands-On Test

In most cases, the applicant will be given a test that will be similar to a task he/she may be required to perform while working for iQuest.

The applicant will be required to deliver the desired results within the prescribed time frame. Upon successful completion of the test, an iQuest manager will analyze the results delivered by the applicant. This process may involve a dialog with the applicant in order to allow him/her to explain the logic or methodologies he/she used in the test.

Applicants do not receive any compensation for the time spent during their hands-on tests.

Probationary Period

Despite our best efforts to pick compatible individuals for our team, actual, on-the-job assessment is the best way to determine whether the applicant and iQuest form a strong and compatible match. During the probationary period, iQuest managers will closely supervise the individual's performance and determine whether iQuest provides an environment for him/her to be successful in the long run.

Applicants receive compensation for work performed during their probationary period, based on the rates agreed upon during the hiring process.