Where Business Meets Technology


Here at iQuest, our motto is: "Business is our main focus and technology is our main tool".

What really matters is your business and achieving its goals. Technology should provide assistance and never become a hindrance or distraction. The value we provide is that instead of diving into technical matters, we focus on your business first.

We start by understanding your business challanges and requirements. We then look at your current solutions and infrastructure. We will then assess your processes and even members of your team. Only then, a meaninful solution can be formulated.

We are the CEO's best friend! Because we put the emphasis on business but we're experts in technology.


The right solution usually entails three elements:

  1. Some technology based solution e.g. application, database, infrastructure, etc.

  2. Procedural solutions to help set the right workflow.

  3. Assessment and training of people who are involved in implementing the solution as well as those who will use it.
People, Procedures, Technology

We can help you:

  • Analyze business challanges and proceses to formulate the right technology solution
  • Assess existing solutions and technical staff
  • Analyze your data management solutions and practices
  • Move your data management to the cloud and take advantage of the latest technologies
  • Assess your line-of-business applications and help you migrate them to latest cloud based solutions

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