Bilingual = One Who Speaks Both Business and Geek!

An apparent communication problem

Have you ever been in this situation? You're a business person and have a perfectly simple and somewhat urgent request. So you talk to "The Go To Guy"... "The Tech Guru"... "His IT Highness"...

Instead of getting a simple answer to your question, you get this long and convoluted response, half of which seems to be in Morse code delivered in the Navajo language the U.S. military used in World Word II due to its completely indecipherable nature. All you can do is utter the words "What in the world???" in total dismay.

Business is a dynamic sport that involves quickly and successfully adjusting to ever-changing market conditions driven by somewhat unpredictable likes and dislikes of a tribe called consumers. Interestingly, technology is equally dynamic and ever-changing but requires structures, protocols and inter-dependencies that must be carefully observed... or else!

Usually, this common problem can be solved by having, what I call, bilingual people involved in your team who can speak both "business" and "geek". They're the ones who bridge the gap. They come with different titles and equally diverse backgrounds but they all have one thing in common. They get business and they don't give you those impossible responses when the going gets tough.

As a matter of fact, they tend to bring order to the situation before it turns into chaos. This requires deep analytical skills, understanding of different facets of technology, great people and even greater communication skills but most importantly real business acumen.

You gotta have them in your team. They bridge the great divide between mere mortals like you and those technocrats who can assemble the parts of a tier 4 data center grade blade server faster than Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade can assemble the parts of his 9 mm in the movie "Scent of a Woman".

There's already an inflation, stagflation and insane devaluation of titles going on in corporate America so I won't even get into what they're called in the hyper-active board rooms of Fortune 500 companies. Please excuse me as I digress as I have a thing for such self-serving and self-important titles. The latest one that got my attention is the CHO i.e. Chief Honey Officer. I just made the assumption that there's a mention of bumble bees and wasps in the job description for this position and the typical health insurance made available to all regular employees is not offered to the person occupying the CHO's office which I suspect is located outside of a 5 mile radius from the corporate HQ. Anyway, some of these "bilinguals" come as CIOs. Some label themselves CGNWO i.e. Chief God Knows What Officer.

So how would you know if you find one of these "bilinguals"? Just to talk to them. If they're making sense and NOT speaking in obscure acronyms, chances are you've found one. Keep the dialog going for a while though so that you can really make sure that this is not a techno-geek disguised as a "bilingual" which they tend to do. Try to make them drop their mask by seducing them with some tech acronyms that you memorized before your meeting. If they start salivating and pop open an energy drink while re-adjusting their base in their chair to give you a long Wikipedia article about how they actually incorporated all those cool technologies in a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B with only 1 GB of RAM, simply stay calm and call the security to escort them out of the building.

And after a few failed attempts, you still haven't been able to find a nice and sensible "bilingual" who can help you in your business, just call me. Se habla business and geek!