Ingrid Roadmap

Now that we've raised the curtain, let's look at the next steps:

Beta 1

First, we will make sure that what we've released is stable. Based on the experience of our users, we will fix bugs and completely stabilize Ingrid.

While we're fixing bugs and making sure things are stable, we'll also be working on releasing the "tablet" optimized version of "Project Profile".

After this, here are the modules that are lined up for release in Beta 1:

  • Calendar Module
  • Task Module
  • Contacts Module
  • Messaging Module
  • Zones Module

Beta 2

By the time we reach Beta 2, we should not only have a pretty stable platform but also a feature-rich Ingrid. In Beta 2, the primary module to release will be the Library module. Those who have used this module in the corporate version of Ingrid are big fans of the Library module. In this version, I think we will present a much improved Library module.

Another important item that we intend to include in Beta 2 is the first versions of Ingrid mobile apps for iOS and Android.

This is my initial take on the next steps. I purposely avoided setting any time frames for the next steps as the number of developers we add to the team will play a big role in determining how quickly we can hit these milestones.